Privacy Statement

This keyboard extension improves your user experience by enhancing your individual writing style, namely in the Swiss German language. It keeps you from having to type out every word you want to write. To assure the quality of the app, we record every keystroke you make and evaluate how many taps you save while writing.

Assuring your privacy is very important to us. This app complies with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP). It collects only anonymized data as it uses an anonymized user ID. But THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE: being a keyboard extension, the app will transmit all your keystrokes to us. There is no link to your person but if you type personal data like names, addresses, logins or passwords, that will of course be transmitted! Neither ETH Zürich nor we as developers of the app assume any liability for such transmissions or its consequences. Other privacy-related functions of the app are geo-ocation and bug-reporting. Periodically recording your current location allows us to build regional dictionaries. Bug reporting allows us to improve the app and provide you with a stable product.

This app is being developed at the Distributed Computing research group of ETH Zurich (Disco) as the product of a master thesis. Contact us if you have any questions or want any further information.